National Chip Week 2014

By | February 19th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Takeaway|

The 17th-23rd February 2014 is National Chip Week. At Smart Restaurants we are deciding what the best kind of chips are as there are just so many different varieties! French Fries French fries can be very nice tasting, but with the thinness of them, they can sometimes not be very filling and they also cool [...]

February – The Month of Love

By | February 10th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Seasonal, Takeaway|

Valentines Day is a day of romance for couples. It is a day that couples can express their love to one another through valentines cards, gifts and usually having a meal together. As Valentines day this year falls on a friday, many couples may take the opportunity of going away for the weekend and turning [...]

First Date Meal Advice – A Few Tips on What to Order and Avoid

By | February 4th, 2014|Food, Restaurants|

Going out for a meal on a first date can be a vey awkward moment in life. For a start you are eating for the first time in front of someone you are attracted to and at the same time, you are still getting to know that person. The worst thing to do is be [...]