National BBQ Week – 26th May – 1st June 2014

By | May 30th, 2014|Restaurants, Seasonal, Takeaway|

National BBQ week is a way to celebrate the summer that will soon be here. Unfortunately Britain is rather unpredictable when it comes to the weather so we can only hope for the sunshine and the warmer weather. The weekend may surprise us with some pre-summer heat and this will be a great excuse to [...]

Meat Free Monday 28th April 2014

By | April 28th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Takeaway, Vegetarian|

The Meat Free Campaign If everyone was to give up meat for just one day of the week there would be many benefits. This is why the meat free Monday campaign encourages everyone to go meat free for just one day of the week and in return there are many health benefits as well as [...]

St. George’s Day 23rd April 2014

By | April 23rd, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Seasonal, Takeaway|

St. George’s Day is the National Day for England, which falls annually on the 23rd April. To celebrate St George’s Day, we have had a look at the various traditional English food that we may eat on the day, as well as throughout the year. The Full English Breakfast The English Breakfast is a very [...]

Easter 18th – 21st April 2014

By | April 17th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Seasonal|

With any occasion throughout the year, whether it be Halloween, Christmas or Easter, there is always a good reason to have some fun and celebrate. At Easter time, Spring has sprung, the days are getting longer and the weather is brightening up and getting warmer. This is a great reason to get outside and take [...]

How a Smart Restaurants App Could Benefit Your Business

By | April 16th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Smart Phone App, Takeaway|

The restaurant and takeaway industry is striving. People will always want to treat themselves by going out to a restaurant for a meal or by ordering in a takeaway at the weekend. Many restaurants and takeaways are moving forward and keeping up to date with technology by having websites and social media sites, such as [...]

Food Related April Fools’ – 1st April 2014

By | April 1st, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Seasonal, Smart Phone App, Takeaway|

In 1957, there was the biggest April fools’ joke ever. The BBC Panorama show aired a three minute recording of a Swiss family harvesting strings of spaghetti from spaghetti trees. With the British being unfamiliar with what spaghetti was in the 1950’s, they believed that what they were seeing in this BBC broadcast, [...]

Mcdonald’s inspire Moschino – Fast Food Fashion!

By | March 3rd, 2014|Fashion, Restaurants, Takeaway|

Who would of ever of thought about mixing fashion and food together to create a whole new fashion collection. We have already seen food captured within art, where Andy Warhol incorporates food into his artwork, such as the famous Campbell Soup. Will this years latest fashion collection be so easily consumed by its customers as [...]

Mother’s Day

By | March 3rd, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Seasonal, Takeaway|

What will you be doing for Mothering Sunday this year to spoil your mother and make her feel special? Smart Restaurants have come up with a few hints and tips to make Mother's Day extra special this year. Breakfast Start Mother’s Day with a nice breakfast for your mother to wake up to. Spoil her [...]

The Benefits of Customer Loyalty

By | February 26th, 2014|Food, Restaurants, Smart Phone App, Takeaway|

Target Market Understanding your target market and what they want out of you as a business, product or service is so important as it can affect those customers who will regularly visit you or only visit the once. The customers that choose you over your competitors are your loyal customers and it is these customers [...]

Should we Always Tip in Restaurants?

By | February 25th, 2014|Food, Restaurants|

With how costly it can be to go out for a meal, is it right that we then feel obliged to add an additional 10% of the total cost to pay as a tip? We don’t always receive the best service in restaurants, so where do we draw the line on tipping? When do we [...]